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Senior Pet Care

At Family Pet Clinic, we believe it is our responsibility to guide your pets comfortably and in good health into their golden years.

Caring For Your Senior Pet

As pets age, they can experience the aches and pains of aging similar to as humans do. They can become more susceptible to illness and injury. With this in mind, we recommend you bring in your elderly pets once every six months so we can monitor their health more closely.

Signs of health conditions in elderly pets often set on very slowly and can be hard to detect. To help find and monitor any age-related conditions, our medical team recommends a few tests for your senior friend.

Common tests recommended for senior pets include:

  • Bloodwork helps us identify general conditions such as infection and anemia. For senior pets, it can also detect diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease and more. 
  • Urinalysis can detect urinary tract infections, diabetes, liver disease and gives us a representation of your pet’s overall health status. 
  • X-rays can help detect cancer and arthritis. 
  • Glaucoma screening tests for Glaucoma, which can cause blindness in pets. This is most common in senior pets. 

Look for any slow or sudden onset of changes in your pet’s activity and talk to your veterinarian about your findings.

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