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Happy Pet Visits

At Family Pet Clinic, we are committed to not only healthy pet visits, but happy visits too! A trip to the veterinarian can be a scary place for some pets, and we understand that both people and pets alike can dread coming to an appointment.

Why A Happy Pet Visit?

The doctors and staff at Family Pet Clinic believe in Happy Pet Visits, which can result in a lifetime of veterinary love. We are excited to offer Happy Pet Visits to all of our clients – 100% fun visits to meet the clinic staff and promote a positive veterinary experience! A Happy Pet Visit does not have exams, treatments, or vaccines. We believe that by providing as many “fun” visits as possible, trips to the veterinary clinic will eventually become stress-free and a fun place to be!

Everyone Benefits From a Happy Pet Visit

  • Puppies: Starting puppies early with Happy Pet Visits sets them up for a lifetime of stress-free trips to the veterinary clinic.
  • Adolescent dogs: Dogs who need spay/neuter procedure are great candidates for Happy Pet Visits. Surgery is a scary time and helping to minimize the fear beforehand will ease post-operative anxiety.
  • Dogs afraid or stressed at the vet: A series of Happy Pet Visits can eventually ease a dog’s anxiety and will lead to relaxed trips to the veterinary clinic.
  • Adult dogs who are not afraid of the vet: Happy Pet Visits for adult dogs that show no signs of fear during veterinary visits are the best preventative in the event they do need medical care in the future.
  • Dogs who need extra time warming up to people: We understand not all dogs love every person they meet, and that’s okay! Some dogs need additional time warming up to humans, and we’d like to help that transition with our Happy Pet Visits.

What You Can Expect From a Happy Pet Visit

  • Our trained veterinary staff will work diligently with your pet, focusing on fun, fun, fun to ensure an enjoyable atmosphere!
  • We work one-on-one with families and pets using reduced lighting, a buffet of snacks (please let us know ahead of time of any food allergies), and happy, calm voices to ensure a happy environment. The ultimate goal of a Happy Pet Visit is to lure your pet onto the exam table and scale without it being a scary experience.
  • During a Happy Pet Visit, each family will have the veterinary clinic with no other pets or distractions. Both you and your pet will have ample time with the trainers to ask questions and get tips on making the veterinary experience as pleasant as possible for your pet.
Interested in attending a Happy Pet Visit with your pet? Happy Pet Visits are currently by appointment only. Please feel free to reach out to our team to schedule a happy and stress free veterinary visit by requesting an appointment online or giving us a call!

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