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Meet Our Team

Hello from the Family Pet Clinic team! We look forward to building a long-lasting relationship with you and your sweet companion.

Tobi Maser Koko

DVM, Medical Director and Co-Owner

Dr. Tobi Maser Koko joined Family Pet Clinic in 2018. Dr. Koko was born and raised in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where her passion - and compassion - for animals traces back to her youth.

Dr. Koko obtained her B.ā€‹S.ā€‹ in Chemistry from American University in 2002, graduated from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, and completed her clinical training at the University of Missouri in 2006. Prior to joining Family Pet Clinic, Dr. Koko spent over ten years at a 24-hour animal hospital in New Jersey. Her areas of professional interest include dentistry, surgery, wellness, emergency medicine, and pain management.

Although she has always been allergic to animals, Dr. Koko loves working as a veterinarian. She believes the best part of working in the veterinary field is being a voice and advocate for pets, and helping owners build lasting bonds with their furry companions.

Dr. Koko resides in Montgomery County with her husband, Jordan, and their two children. They share their home with Meadow, a brindle Pitbull/Mastiff rescue, and Percy, a cat rescued by Dr. Koko and her daughter. When she isn’t providing quality veterinary care, Dr. Koko can be found creating recipes in the kitchen, playing tennis with her family, gardening, spinning, and when she thinks no one is listening, playing the piano.

Heather Kellermann


Dr. Heather Kellermann joined the Family Pet Clinic team in October 2018.  She graduated from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, which is located on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts, with her last year of study at Louisiana State University.  Dr. Kellermann previously worked at small animal practices in Mechanicsburg and Jenkintown, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Kellermann has a cute island dog from St. Kitts named Charlie and four cats: Franklin Toesevelt, Eleanor, Bella, and Norbert.

Danielle Forwood


Dr. Danielle Forwood was born and raised in Kemblesville, Chester County, Pennsylvania. Her desire to help both animals and their people inspired her to become a veterinarian.  In 2012, she attended Penn State University for her Bachelor in Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences. In 2017, she went on to earn her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Forwood is Fear-Free Certified.  She enjoys the problem-solving aspect of veterinary medicine, and her areas of professional interest include pocket pet medicine, pain management, and anesthesiology/surgery.  One of her favorite parts of working as a veterinarian is helping people provide the best care possible for their family companions.

Dr. Forwood lives in Cinnaminson, New Jersey with her husband, Matt; dog, Cody; and guinea pig, Darla. When she’s not tending to animals, she enjoys reading, gardening, and hiking. A fun fact about Dr. Forwood is that she worked for two weeks as a volunteer on a spay/neuter campaign in Iquitos, Peru, a town that is only accessible by air or water

Katelyn Painter


Dr. Katelyn Painter is an Associate Veterinarian at Family Pet Clinic. In 2013, she earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree at Skidmore College and went on to complete her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2017 at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine.  Dr. Painter also earned her Fear-Free Certification.  Her areas of professional interest include behavior, soft-tissue surgery and diagnostic imaging. 
Growing up riding and showing horses, Dr. Painter always knew she wanted to work with animals. She believes the best part of being a veterinarian is educating people and providing preventative care to maximize quality time with our companions.
Dr. Painter currently lives in Ewing, New Jersey.  She shares her home with Sydney, a mixed breed dog she adopted in the mid-west during veterinary school, and Hedwig, a guinea pig. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, traveling, going to see live music, and yoga. 

Jennifer Wintergrass


Dr. Jennifer Wintergrass is a Veterinarian at Family Pet Clinic.  She was inspired to become a veterinarian after caring for her first cat, Madonna.  Dr. Wintergrass began working in the veterinary field in 2006 as a kennel assistant. She earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2013, graduating with highest honors. Her areas of professional interest include emergency care, critical care, ultrasound, internal medicine, and everything feline.
She takes her job as a veterinarian very seriously and feels being a veterinarian is part of her identity. Dr. Wintergrass says she has a soft spot for misfit animals and especially loves old cats.
Dr. Wintergrass is from Englishtown, New Jersey, and currently shares a home in Fishtown, Philadelphia with Peggy and Dinky, her two domestic shorthaired cats. When she is not providing quality veterinary medicine, she loves spending time with friends, family and pets. She also enjoys DIY projects, painting, arts and crafts, and video games. A fun fact about Dr. Wintergrass is that she is good at Pac Man and considers herself very handy; she has a lot of tools and a "she shed" in her basement.

Gabriella Moore


Dr. Gabriella Moore is the newest Veterinarian at Family Pet Clinic! Dr. Moore received her bachelor’s degree from Ursinus College in 2017 and her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2021. In addition to her degrees, Dr. Moore also completed her clinical training at the University of Tennessee. Her areas of professional interest include surgery, dentistry, preventative wellness, behavior, and dermatology.

Dr. Moore’s love for the veterinary field began at a young age when she volunteered with local veterinarians throughout high school and college. During her time volunteering and working as a vet technician, Dr. Moore’s life-long love of animals grew into a passion for medicine and patient care. Dr. Moore’s favorite parts about working in the veterinary field are developing lasting relationships with patients and their families, helping advance the health and well-being of animals, and working with people who share her passion for animals.

Born and raised in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Dr. Moore has a family dog she grew up with named Champ and a cat she rescued from St. Kitts named Kitt. In her free time, Dr. Moore enjoys spending time with family and friends, kayaking, hiking, reading, and traveling. Dr. Moore is so excited to join Family Pet Clinic and help care for the furry friends in the community she grew up in!

Christine W.

Practice Manager & Certified Veterinary Technician

Christine is the Practice Manager at Family Pet Clinic and has been working in the veterinary field in since 2005. She earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Biotechnology and Conservation from Delaware Valley College in 2008 and her Associate of Science Degree as a Veterinary Technician from Penn Foster in 2020. She previously worked as a Veterinary Technician and Inventory Supervisor at Family Pet before becoming the practice manager. She is passionate about emergency care, and finds her job as a veterinary technician very rewarding.

Christine is from and lives in Warminster, Pennsylvania with her five-year old son, Brantley, and pit bull, Lacey. When she is not caring for animals, Christine enjoys spending time with her son, attending concerts, going to the gym and being outside. A fun fact about Christine is that she was a humane law enforcement officer.

Heather U.

Certified Veterinary Technician

Heather is a Certified Veterinary Technician, Public Relations Supervisor and Behavioral Health Advocate at Family Pet Clinic. She earned her associate's degree in Veterinary Technology from Manor College in 2003 and has worked at Family Pet Clinic since May 2001. Heather is Fear-Free Level 2 certified, laser therapy certified and is currently working towards a behavioral certification.

Heather enjoys working in the veterinary industry because animals make her happy and being able to make them feel better makes her feel good! Heather lives in Southampton, Pennsylvania with her two cats, and bearded dragon, Yoshi, who all get along well! When she is not caring for animals, she enjoys superhero cosplay for charity events.

Michelle C.

Certified Veterinary Technician & Technician Manager

From the age of 3, Michelle always knew she wanted to work with animals, and her favorite part of being in the veterinary industry is knowing she can help take away animals’ pain. Michelle has worked in the veterinary field since 2002 and currently serves as a Technician Manager at Family Pet Clinic. She attended Manor College’s Veterinary Technician program and completed externships at CARES. Michelle is laser certified and her areas of professional interest include surgery and anesthesia.

Michelle enjoys spending time with her three children, Jordan, Deanna, and Austin, as well as her dog, Tinkerbell, and three cats, Aslan, Kiara, and Cleopatra. She also loves to ski, listen to music, and play the flute and piccolo.

Tracey W.

Receptionist Supervisor

Tracey joined the Family Pet Clinic team in July 2012. Originally studying to be a nurse assistant, Tracey changed her career path to work with animals, with a goal to become a certified veterinary technician. Tracey enjoys the challenges presented from being able to work in all areas of the hospital. She loves caring for all your furry family members like they are her own.

Tracey has two Yorkies, Cody and Lily, and a special needs cat named Sarafina. In her free time, she enjoys being outside, going to country concerts, and cheering on the Philadelphia Eagles.

Kirsten T.

Veterinary Technician & Inventory Supervisor

Kirsten is proud to serve as Family Pet Clinic’s Veterinary Technician and Inventory Supervisor. Her diverse background in property management and ER training transitioned to the veterinary industry in 2009. Kirsten is laser certified, Fear-Free certified and a nutritional advocate. She is passionate about exotic pets.

Growing up, Kirsten lived in Hawaii, Georgia and Virginia, and eventually settled in Pennsylvania. She has a daughter and two granddaughters, and loves spending time watching the Philadelphia Eagles and Sixers, watching Netflix, and going to the beach.

Tessa L.

Veterinary Assistant Supervisor

Tessa joined Family Pet clinic in June 2017. She has an associate's degree in Business Management.

Tessa enjoys being with her boyfriend and going to Flyers games, car shows, and country concerts. She also likes doing makeup and fixing old muscle cars. Tessa has a menagerie, including: three dogs, a Yorkie (Chewbacca), Carolina Plott Hound (Simmonds) and a Jack Russell/Pitbull mix (Chevy); six cats (Clarke, Cubby, Knala, Simba, Colton and Khali); and four aquatic turtles (Killian, Emma, Regina, and Henry).

Kim H.

Veterinary Technician

Kimberly has worked in the veterinary industry since 2005 and is proud to serve as one of Family Pet Clinic’s Veterinary Technicians. She is laser therapy certified, Fear-Free certified and considers dentistry her area of professional interest. She has always loved animals and has a true passion for helping pets, especially making them feel better.
Kimberly is originally from northeast Philadelphia and lives in Feasterville, Pennsylvania with her fiancé, two daughters and one stepson. Her fur babies include Dezzy, a two-year old Havanese/Mini Schnauzer mix; and Piper, an eight-year old domestic shorthaired cat.  She enjoys spending her free time with family and friends and loves to dance.

Cristina R.

Certified Veterinary Technician

Christina is a Certified Veterinary Technician at Family Pet Clinic. In 2019, she earned her associate's degree in Veterinary Technology from Harcum College, and completed a small animal externship at Penn Vet and a large animal externship at New Bolton Center. Her areas of professional interest include anesthesia, radiology, and cytology. Christina loves being part of saving an animal’s life and educating clients on how to take the best care of their pet.

Christina grew up and lives in Warrington, Pennsylvania with her two dogs, Lucky and Benny, and cat, Bridgette. She enjoys working out at the gym and hanging out with her friends and family. Christina considers herself an optimistic, crazy animal lover and looks forward to traveling the world!

Laura S.

Certified Veterinary Technician

Laura is a Certified Veterinary Technician at Family Pet Clinic and a Fear-Free Supervisor. She earned her associate's degree in Veterinary Technology at Manor College in 2017. Laura attended Pat Miller’s Dog and Puppy Training Academy and is certified in Level 1 Dog Training (CPDT-KA). Passionate about canine behavior, she loves both dogs and cats. Laura is thrilled to be surrounded by people who share the same love for animals.

Laura grew up in northeast Philadelphia and currently resides in Hamilton, New Jersey where she shares a home with her fiance, Dillon, and their yellow Lab, Miller. In her spare time, Laura enjoys watching Netflix, listening to podcasts and watching stand-up comedy.

Miriam F.

Receptionist and Accounts Receivable Supervisor

Miriam began her career at Family Pet Clinic in July 2016. Prior to joining the team, she worked for eight years in pet retail, which means she is familiar with many products for a variety of pets.

Miriam has two dogs, Zora and Clayton; two parrots, Leonard and Desmond; a leopard gecko named Matilda; and a goldfish called Toes. When not caring for her pets, Miriam can be found at the shooting range with her dad, taking photographs, riding horses, or climbing rock walls at the gym.

Maureen K.

Veterinary Assistant

Maureen Kuntz has worked in the veterinary industry since 2005 and is proud to serve as Family Pet Clinic’s Kennel Attendant and Veterinary Assistant. She loves helping animals and taking extra good care of the boarders who visit.

Maureen is from and lives in Southhampton, Pennsylvania with her Sphynx cat, Talia Angel. She enjoys listening to music, reading, going to the park and watching movies.

Chris F.

Kennel Attendant

Chris has returned to the Family Pet Clinic family, working in the kennels.

Chris loves his pups and has two bulldogs, Gracie and Stella; a pug named Mia; and a little Boston terrier named Elfie.  He likes to glass blow and is taking classes at Bucks Community College for the art.  Chris also enjoys reading a good book and doing crossword puzzles.

Gabrielle B.

Receptionist and Dog Trainer

Gabrielle is a Certified Dog Trainer and Receptionist at Family Pet Clinic. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Animal Behavior and Enrichment from Delaware Valley College in 2010. Gabrielle began working in the veterinary field in 2011 and enjoys how happy animals are when they get the help they need.

Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Gabrielle currently resides there with her fiancé, two daughters, and two dogs, Oliver and Cali.

Jennifer W.

Certified Veterinary Technician

Jen, a Certified Veterinary Technician, graduated in December 2018 from Manor College. She joined the Family Pet Clinic as an extern and loved it so much she applied to work here!

In her free time, Jen enjoys going to the movies, sporting events, concerts and occasionally play video games!

Julia S.


Julia is a Family Pet Clinic Receptionist. 

A lifelong pet person, the light of her life is her adopted terrier mix, Buddy.  In her free time, she trains in Jiu-Jitsu with her husband and son.  

Hannah S.


Hannah is Family Pet Clinic’s cheerful Receptionist and loves working with amazing people and meeting all their pets.

Hannah was born and raised in Feasterville-Trevose and currently resides there with her three cats, Bandit, Homer, and Fievel, and her adopted Pitbull mix, Hazel.  She enjoys arts & crafts, baking, and spending time with her friends and family. 

Shannon L.


Shannon is a Receptionist and Kennel Attendant at Family Pet Clinic. She is currently attending Temple University, and her goal is to become a veterinary technician. Shannon loves being a part of a team that helps animals and enjoys rescue work in her spare time.

Shannon is originally from and lives in northeast Philadelphia with her rescue pets, Whippet mix, Ham; Chiweenie, Becky; and cats, Pants and Marie. When she is not caring for animals, she enjoys sculpting, drawing and crafts.

Tessa C.

Vet Assistant

Tessa started working for Family Pet Clinic in February 2020. With a passion for wildlife and love for all animals, Tessa earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Delaware Valley University in 2019 with a major in Wildlife Management and Conservation and a minor in Criminal Justice. Tessa interned and volunteered for Cedar Run Wildlife Hospital in Medford, New Jersey, where she helped rehabilitate injured and orphaned wildlife and prepared them for release back into the wild. She also worked closely with Tiny Miracles Rescue in Chalfont, Pennsylvania.

Born and raised in central Pennsylvania, Tessa fell in love with the Philadelphia area during college and never left. In her free time, Tessa loves to play soccer, go hiking, and relax on the couch with her two black cats, Boo and Poe.

Maddison F.

Treatment Technician

Maddison is a Treatment Technician at Family Pet Clinic. She joined our team to further her skills and gain more experience in the animal world shortly after earning her Bachelors degree in Biology, with a focus in pre vet sciences, at Bryn Athyn College. Mads is currently applying to veterinary schools with the hope of pursuing her life long dream to become a Veterinarian. In her free time she loves to play volleyball or spend time with her family, friends, and five dogs!

Stefanie B.


Stefanie joined the Family Pet clinic team in October 2020. Born and raised in Warminster, she lives with her husband, 2 rescue dogs Kona and Otto, and 2 rescue cats Luna and Mya. In her free time, Stefanie enjoys spending time with her fur babies, friends and family, the outdoors and the beach.

Debbie J.


Bio coming soon!

Vicky S.

Veterinary Assistant

While Vicky has worked with animals in multiple capacities, such as at a doggie day camp and boarding facility, a marine mammal trainer with sea lions and river otters, as well as a volunteer at a wildlife habitat in Australia and with baby vervet monkeys in South Africa, she found her niche in the veterinary field in 2019.

Along with her compassion for animals, she is conversationally fluent in ASL, takes aerial (silks, trapeze, and lyra) classes, is a huge Harry Potter nerd, dreams of living in a tiny house, and loves spending time with her family, which include her best friends: Oscar, her 14-year-old miniature dachshund and Kiwi, her 7-year-old chiweenie

Olivia P.

Veterinary Assistant

Olivia is an artist & animal lover that joined Family Pet Clinic in November 2021. She previously worked at Best Friends Pet Care in Huntingdon Valley, PA & volunteered for Kazoodles/Pooch Kaboose in Jenkintown, PA. She has a BFA in Animation and Game Arts that she received in 2021.

At home, she loves to draw & create fun characters, watch cartoons & movies, play tennis, and cuddle up with her adorable Shar-Pei/German Shepherd mix, Mozart!


Veterinary Technician

Bio coming soon!

Jen K.

Veterinary Assistant

Jen began working as a Vet Assistant in August 2020. Jen first started working in the animal field at a doggy daycare before transitioning to another veterinary hospital to work as a kennel attendant and supervisor.

Jen can always be found at work serenading the animals. In her free time, she enjoys playing the piano, hanging out with friends, and spending time with her kitten, Seymour.

Hallie C.


Hallie has been drawn to animals since she can remember. She managed Central Bark Doggy Daycare for 5 years, before transitioning her career path towards the veterinary field. Educating owners and making sure our patients have the best quality of care is what Hallie takes pride in.

Hallie also works in addiction recovery, and is a Care Coordinator at Steps to Recovery. She spends her free time going on hikes and cooking for her family. She has two dogs, a Pit-bull named Jasmine, who loves to snuggle, green beans and is her Mom's shadow and a Rottweiler named Junior, who is a ladies man and loves carrots.

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